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NC Post-Licensing Classes

What am I required to do? Complete and pass three 30-hour courses within 18 months, based on a rule (58A. 1902) effective July 1, 2020.

When are Zoom courses offered? We currently are offering during the week and sometimes on the weekend.

Before you can purchase, you MUST agree to the terms outlined in our Post PPD.

For Zoom classes, you MUST use a device with a camera so the teacher can see you during class time. (No classes at this time.)

May I take Self-Paced Post courses? Yes. You have 180 days to complete your purchase, whether that is one course or the three-course package. The correlating exams have to be passed within those same 180 days. Same rules apply above including having a textbook. Extensions are NOT ALLOWED per the NC RE Commission. Refunds will not be granted once a course has begun.

The Textbook is REQUIRED and should be purchased from the Commission. Click here to purchase the hardcopy textbook for $40. Click here to purchase the digital subscription for $25. We prefer the digital version.

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