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NC Zoom Continuing Education

Live classes available via Zoom (web conferencing). A Zoom account is not required.

The CE PPD must be read and agreed to before registering for classes.

Classes must be taken on a device with a camera on it. You will need to stay on camera the entire class session to receive credit. A 10-minute break will be given every hour.

Be sure to have a reliable internet connection. If you have any issues including internet / connection issues, feel free to contact the office at 910-791-9813. You may only miss 24 minutes of class time and this includes connection issues.

Participation is expected and encouraged. The teacher will be asking questions to ensure participation and credit. A microphone is recommended, but if you do not have one, there is a chat feature on Zoom that you may use.

We recommend logging into the class 10 minutes before it begins to make sure you are ready to go. Again, if you have any issues contact the office at 910-791-9813.

Click here for instructional videos on how to use Zoom:

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