Payment is due at the time of class. Zoom classes will need to be prepaid. We have a NO REFUND policy but will reschedule students when classes are available during the current license year. Returned checks shall be immediately paid in full plus a $20 processing fee. No student may register for other classes until the class is paid.

Pre-registration guarantees a seat. Walk-ins allowed as space permits. Students arriving late will not be admitted. Licensee Pocket Cards are required for entrance.


Date of Bulletin Publication: October 2020

Legal Name of School Owner: Southern Choice Real Estate Academy, LLC

School Director: Lee Eatmon

Names of School Officials and Faculty:

  • Kerrie Landers – Assistant Director​

  • Meleah Lewis - Assistant to the Director

  • Jennifer Boyd - Pre and Postlicensing Instructor, CE Instructor

  • Jack Burnish – Postlicensing Instructor, CE Instructor​

  • PJ Doherty - Postlicensing Instructor, CE Instructor

  • Debi Dolan-Prince - Postlicensing Instructor, CE Instructor

  • Laurie Ann Gardner - Pre and Postlicensing Instructor, CE Instructor

  • Gabriela Huffman – Pre and Postlicensing Instructor, CE Instructor

  • Kasey Kline - Postlicensing Instructor, CE Instructor

  • Jessica Vargas Mote - Pre and Postlicensing Instructor, CE Instructor

  • Pam Ward – Postlicensing Instructor, CE Instructor



The Southern Choice Real Estate Academy, LLC (hereinafter “ACADEMY”) conducts the Broker Prelicensing Course required for an individual to qualify for the real estate license examination to become licensed as a “provisional” broker. The ACADEMY also conducts the Broker Postlicensing courses required in order for a licensee to remove the “provisional” status of his/her broker license.



The ACADEMY is licensed by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission. Any complaints concerning the ACADEMY should be directed to in writing to:

North Carolina Real Estate Commission

ATTN: Education & Licensing Division

PO Box 17100

Raleigh, NC 27619


Per Commission Rule 58H .0205: the ACADEMY must provide each Prelicensing and Postlicensing course student with a copy of this School Bulletin prior to payment of any non-refundable tuition or fee. The Bulletin, which is required and approved by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission, outlines ACADEMY policies plus the rights and obligations of the ACADEMY and the student. A signed certification that a student received a copy of the Bulletin must be retained by the ACADEMY.





Purpose and Course Description: The ACADEMY conducts the Broker Prelicensing Course intended to instruct students in basic real estate principles and practices, including real estate law, financing, brokerage, closing, valuation, management, property insurance basics, taxation and mathematics. Also included is instruction on construction, land use, and the North Carolina Real Estate License Law and Commission Rules.


Upon satisfactory completion of the Broker Prelicensing Course with a passing grade on the exam of 80% and required attendance of 80% of all scheduled class meetings, the student will receive a “Certificate of Completion” and qualify to make application to the North Carolina Real Estate Commission to take the North Carolina Real Estate Broker License Examination. The total classroom hours, including the course exam, will be 75 hours. Please note: The Course Exam is currently waived until further notice.

Self-Paced Pre-Licensing Courses are available. Passing involves completing all of the information, quizzes, and tests provided within 180 days. You will receive a "Certificate of Completion" and will be uploaded to the Commission. Self-Paced students are encouraged to receive the Real Estate Licensing in North Carolina booklet from the NC Real Estate Commission, which gives further instruction on how to apply for your license.


Entrance Requirements: All Live / Zoom Prelicensing students must be high school graduates or equivalent and have basic reading and math skills.



Purpose and Course Descriptions: The ACADEMY also conducts the 30-hour Broker Postlicensing courses. The Broker Postlicensing program consists of three (3) 30-hour courses titled POST 301 “Broker Relationships and Responsibilities,” POST 302 “Contracts and Closing,” and POST 303 “NC Law, Rules, and Legal Concepts.” 


Per Commission Rule 58A .1902: Provisional brokers must complete, within 3 years following initial licensure “a postlicensing education program consisting of 90 hours of classroom instruction in subjects determined by the Commission” [G.S. 93A-4(a)1]. The program consists of three 30-hour courses, at least one of which must be completed in each of the first 3 years following initial licensure in order to retain eligibility to actively engage in real estate brokerage. If the licensee fails to complete at least 1 Postlicensing course by the anniversary of licensure issuance, his/her real estate license will be placed on inactive status. The same is true for the second and third Postlicensing courses with the second and third anniversary dates of licensure—the license will become inactive. 


The “Broker Relationships and Responsibilities” POST 301 course includes a review of agency relationships in real estate sales transactions and a real estate agent’s legal duties to clients and customers, a step-by-step review and discussion of the functions and responsibilities of a real estate agent when working with residential sellers and buyers, a review of issues associated with transactions in progress when an agent leaves a firm, and a review of license status and education issues. 

The “Contracts and Closing” POST 302 course includes a review of selected basic contract law concepts, real estate sales contract preparation, sales contract procedures, buyer’s due diligence, closing procedures, Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, closing disclosures preparation, contracts for deed, options, and real estate license status and education issues. 

The “NC Law, Rules, and Legal Concepts” course includes general NC licensing requirements, brokerage compensation issues, the disciplinary process, specialized types of real estate, property management in NC, and miscellaneous laws and legal concepts.


Upon satisfactory completion of each 30-hour Broker Postlicensing course with a passing grade of 75% and 90% attendance, the student will receive a completion certificate. Please note: Post Exams have been waived until further notice. Satisfactory completion includes homework and a passing final exam score of 75%. Upon completion of all three (3) courses within 18 months of licensure, the “provisional” status of the individual’s broker license will be removed. 


Course Enrollment Requirements: Per Commission Rule 58H .0209: A school shall not enroll an individual in a Postlicensing course if the first day of the Postlicensing course occurs while the individual is enrolled in a Prelicensing course or if that individual has not passed the license examination.


Per Commission Rule 58A .1904, a provision broker is subject to withdrawal or denial of Postlicensing education credit by the Real Estate Commission if s/he enrolls concurrently in Postlicensing courses (at the same or different schools) that result in the provisional broker being in class for more than 30 classroom hours in any given 7-day period.



Procedure for Requesting Special Accommodations: If a particular handicap accommodation must be met, please contact the director well in advance of the start of class so that arrangements may be met. 


Detailed Schedule of Tuition and Fees: The ACADEMY accepts the following forms of payment: check, cash, or any major credit cards. 

Payment for Pre and Post will not be accepted until STUDENT has executed a Student Certification, certifying that the STUDENT has read the ACADEMY’s official bulletin, and the STUDENT agrees to abide by all of the outlined policies. STUDENTS may read the official bulletin and agree to the terms either digitally during online registration or in person at the ACADEMY office.


Tuition & Fees: The tuition fee for the Prelicensing course is $399 (includes book). A minimum $100 deposit is required to reserve a seat. The remainder will be due the first day of class. 

The tuition fee for each of the Postlicensing courses is $189  for 301 and 302. Postlicensing class 303 requires additional materials, and the fee is $195. BCAR members who attend Shallotte location receive a discounted price of $169 for 301 and 302, $175 for 303. The STUDENT must use the current NC Real Estate Manual for the Postlicensing classes. It may be in book form or online manual which requires the STUDENT to provide a personal laptop. Please call the ACADEMY for current textbook prices.

Late Registration: Late registrations will only be accepted provided space and materials are available.

Repeat Privilege: As STUDENT, you receive a repeat privilege for any course in which you have enrolled. Repeat privilege means that the student may re-enroll one (1) time within six (6) months of the beginning date of the course if he/she failed the end of course exam or dropped out of the course for any reason for 50% of the original tuition plus the cost of a book if a new edition is needed. Repeat privileges will be based on space availability. 

Returned checks shall be immediately paid in full by STUDENT plus a $20 processing fee. No STUDENT may continue in a class unpaid.

Policy on Rescheduling & Cancellation: For inclement weather, follow the County School's closures for the county you are taking the course. Any rescheduling due to weather or other emergency will be made up as soon as possible, or the teacher will coordinate with the students on a better time for the class. Should a course be cancelled, the student will receive a full refund. 

Refund of Tuitions & Fees: The ACADEMY agrees to refund tuition to the STUDENT in full if the STUDENT withdraws prior to the first scheduled class session. If the Prelicensing STUDENT withdraws after the first scheduled class and before the third scheduled class begins, the ACADEMY agrees to refund all but $100. If the Postlicensing STUDENT withdraws after the first scheduled class, they may retake the course for half price within a year of withdrawing.


Conduct: A student shall direct his or her attention to the instruction being provided and refrain from engaging in activities unrelated to the instruction which are distracting to other students or the instructor, or which otherwise disrupts the orderly conduct of a class.

Prohibited Conduct includes sleeping, reading a newspaper or book, performing office/other work, carrying on a conversation with another student, making or receiving telephone calls, receiving a page or text, loudly rattling or shifting of papers, or repeatedly interrupting and/or challenging the instructor in a manner that disrupts the teaching of the course. 

Attendance: STUDENT must attend at least 80% of the Prelicensing course and 90% of the Postlicensing classes in order to satisfactorily complete the course and comply with requirements set forth by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission.

Course Completion Requirements: For Pre and Postlicensing all missed quizzes/tests and homework assignments must be completed prior to the last class session, in order to take the final course examination during the last class session, complete the course, and receive a course completion certificate. If a missed final examination must be re-scheduled, the STUDENT has up to 2 weeks after the original end-of-course date to schedule and complete the final examination. Final examination retakes may be scheduled with the course instructor and retaken one (1) time without repeating the course, as long as it is within 2 (two) weeks of the original end-of-course date. Note: Retake examinations are a different version from the original end-of-course examination and must be passed by the same percentage score as the original course examination. There is 1 (one) retake opportunity for both the Pre and Postlicensing courses.



Student gives ACADEMY permission to record my image and/or voice and grants ACADEMY all rights to use these recordings or photographs in any medium for educational, promotional, advertising, or other purposes that support the mission of the ACADEMY.

Course Schedules: Course schedules are published separately from this Bulletin. Schedules are available at the ACADEMY and upon request by phone, email, or US mail. They are also posted on our website at


Use of Tech Equipment: Operation of cellular telephones, texting devices, and accessing online manuals during instructional time are allowed with instructor permission and guidelines. Personal laptops may be used in the courses with the NC RE Manual in the digital format. Approved electrical outlets will be provided to students. Students are responsible for fully operational technical equipment. Wireless Internet access will be provided when available. 


The school reserves the right to expel any student without a refund or credit after repeated rule violation warnings.

To Register: Visit our website at Choose either “Get Your License” or “Post-Licensing” option. Or call our office at 910-791-9813. 


Location of Classes: Wilmington Pre and Post classes will be held in the training room of Southern Choice Real Estate Academy, 220 Avondale Ave., Suite 103, Wilmington, NC. Shallotte Post classes will be held in the training room of Brunswick County Association of Realtors, 712 Village Rd. SW, Shallotte, NC. No smoking will be allowed in the classrooms.



“I certify that the policies and information contained in this bulletin are true and correct and that SOUTHERN CHOICE REAL ESTATE ACADEMY will abide by the policies included herein.”


Lee Eatmon, Education Director

Revised October 2020