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What will happen if I didn't get my CE done for the 2019-20 License Year? (Deadline was June 10th)


As long as you renewed your license by June 30th (paying your $45 to the Commission), you will automatically receive an extension to take your CE from July 1st through September 30th only.


You will take electives to cover any CE you missed (including your Update):

  • If you missed both classes (Update AND elective), you will take two (2) electives.

  • If you missed one (1) class (Update OR elective), you will take one (1) elective.


We will be offering Live (in the classroom) classes on July 7th and 10th in three (3) locations: Wilmington, Oak Island, and Little River in SC.

Zoom classes will also be available.

Your regular CE (Update and elective) for the 2020-21 License Year will be due June 10th, 2021. 

Please call for more information: 910-791-9813.

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