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Pre-Licensing Self-Paced Packages
~180 days to complete course and course exam~

Click for more information and to purchase package:

(please note: when it asks for a license number, enter "00000")

Please download the PDF of the Real Estate Licensing in North Carolina booklet (click here for the booklet). This booklet tells you what to expect on the Exam as well as how to apply for your license with the North Carolina Real Estate Commission including ordering your background check. To order a free copy from the Commission, please click here.


What is the difference between each package? (see below for more description)

  • The Basic package is just the course. It has everything you need to pass the Exam.

  • The Professional package (most popular) includes the course and a Qbank for extra studying. The Qbank contains both National and State questions. The Qbank can be used to study certain chapters or create sample exams.

  • The Accelerator package includes the course, the Qbank, and an Accelerator course provided by RECampus / Dearborn that you would take AFTER you receive your license.

Once I choose my package it shows "Additional Add-ons" for purchase. Do I need to purchase them? No, you do not. Everything you need to pass the course will be included in the course itself. If you would like a physical copy of the textbook, they do offer it at that time for a discount. You may also sign up for Math review if you struggle with math. Everything offered is extra. Please note: everything listed besides the textbook is for National only.

Is there a course exam? Yes, there is a Proctored Exam. Once you have completed all of the Units, call our office at 910-791-9813 for further instructions.

What do I need in order for my course to run properly? Click here for System Requirements


NC 75-hour Broker Pre-Licensing Course Description:


From the principles of real estate law to fair housing, this interactive, online course prepares you for a successful career in real estate. The course includes the latest North Carolina information along with the rules and regulations of the North Carolina Real Estate Commission. 

This broker prelicensing course will:

  • provide students with the knowledge and skills prescribed in the North Carolina Real Estate Prelicensing Course Syllabus; 

  • provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to act as a licensed real estate broker who protects client and public interests; 

  • provide students with the 75 hours of education needed to fulfill their broker prelicensing education requirements; and 

  • prepare students to take the real estate license examination. 

Complete NC Real Estate Drill and Practice QBank Description:

Prepare for your exam with thousands of questions designed to mimic the exam.

Get the practice you need to pass the North Carolina and national portions of the PSI Real Estate exam. You have access to thousands of current and accurate questions designed to mimic the exam. You will be able to pinpoint problem areas, create custom quizzes, and focus on the topics you need to study the most.

BONUS! It follows Modern Real Estate Practice in North Carolina and North Carolina 75-Hour Broker Prelicensing Course unit-by-unit, making this a convenient companion product for additional classroom study or for independent study for the prelicensing course.

Key Benefits:

  • You can simulate full-length licensing exams—not just by the overall number of questions but also the number of questions per topic according to the testing provider

  • See and practice the exact topics and subtopics that will be on the national and state exam

  • View answer explanations

Real Estate Accelerator Live Online:

This is a virtual sales training / coaching program offered by Dearborn Real Estate Education. Once you have completed the Licensing Course, Dearborn will contact you with further instructions.

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