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Next Steps for Self-Paced Pre-Licensing Course
~180 days to complete course and course exam~

Congratulations on your Self-Paced Pre-Licensing Course purchase. What are your next steps?

Step 1: Download the Real Estate Licensing in NC (RELiNC) booklet

This booklet has all the detailed information you need to know about the licensing process in North Carolina. Click here for the latest version. The steps listed below are a general overview of the process.

Step 2: Complete the 75-hour Pre-Licensing Course

With the Self-Paced option, you have 180 days to complete the course AND the Proctored Exam. Extensions are not available. If it does expire, you will not be able to access your course or anything else you purchased. When you have completed your course, call our office at 910-791-9813 for Exam Proctoring instructions, or you may use the links below to schedule an exam:


Once you pass your Proctored Course Exam, we will upload your name and information to the Commission, and you can complete your application process in the steps below. Your certificate is good for three (3) years from your Completion Date.

Step 3: Complete your background check

Your Criminal Record Report requirement may only be completed by the Criminal Record Check agency prior to filing your application. It is automatically sent to the NC RE Commission; you will also receive a copy of it. The background check is good for six (6) months. There may be substantial costs for those residing in multiple states or outside the United States. There is no refund. (CRC)


Telephone (toll-free): 877-272-0266 Ext. 2651

Telephone (direct): 919-459-2651

Step 4: Submit a complete license application and fees

The online application program is available through the Commission's website ( You may begin to complete (but not submit) the application prior to completion of the 75-hour Pre-Licensing Course. Once completed you have 180 days to take the PSI Exam. Application fee is $100 and the Examination fee is $56 payable after you complete the 75-hour course.

Step 5: Receive the Notice of Exam Eligibility

If the Commission determines that you meet the examination qualification requirements, you will be issued a Notice of Exam Eligibility. It is valid for 180 days from the date issued. This is needed to schedule the PSI Exam.

Step 6: Take the PSI Exam

There are two ways to schedule your examination (also found in the RELiNC booklet):

You may take the Exam at a Testing Center or proctored in your own home. Please be sure to read all of the details regarding these options in the RELiNC booklet you downloaded on Step 1.

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